Start With Why

In the words of Simon Sinek we’ll Start With Why and explain the why, how and what HORIZON PPM is designed to achieve…


Structure is an enabler to creativity, effectiveness and efficiency. The consistent and reliable structure of HORIZON PPM augmented and enhanced with smart assistance removes administrative overheads and frees up the valuable time of the better informed project team members to leverage their unique skills, experience, knowledge and perspectives in the real work of completing project tasks.


HORIZON PPM does this by applying a data-driven approach to surface Actionable Intelligence in real-time enabling teams to answer the fundamental questions of What’s important?, What’s urgent? and What’s next?.


The HORIZON PPM platform uses a combination of algorithmics, analytics, augmentation, automation and artificial intelligence to associate, supplement and enhance project information as the smart solution for project and portfolio management that keeps the whole team and their executive stakeholders on the right path on their journey to delivery success.