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The original idea for HORIZON PPM started in 2014. Originally it was a personal project to scratch a personal itch. Peter had been delivering portfolios of multiple concurrent projects for years and always been frustrated with the available tool set. He was typically working in environments that had established enterprise suites used for cross organisation financial and resource management. But these were clunky. They came with loads of documentation. You had to go through a training course to know how to use them. And to top it all, with all the time and effort put into keeping things updated they didn’t help one bit in actually delivering the projects! HORIZON PPM is designed to address all this.

The first release recently launched is just the start. We’ve big plans for the future with both professional and enterprise level services with even more functionality.


Peter Gross
CEO and Founder of Horizon PPM. Independent consultant with experience of leading large scale IT portfolios of 400+ concurrent projects. A serial entrepreneur and a veteran of the first dot com era.
James Bradburn
CTO and Co-Founder of Horizon PPM. Independent consultant and full-stack developer with extensive experience delivering complex projects across the finance sector.

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