Change Log

A log of all major improvements and changes…

April 2023

  • Refresh of the Horizon PPM Blog.
  • Implemented the Project Assistant. Integrated with ChatGPT from OpenAI to provide assistance from real time information curated directly from the users projects.
  • Infrastructure upgrade to support more users.

March 2023

  • Migrated authentication to Sign in with LinkedIn giving users simpler route to registration and login.
  • Completed a significant update in documenting Product Help pages.
  • Added the Portfolio and Project introductory tours.

February 2023

  • Extended the management of Organisations and Teams improving handling of user and resource leavers and joiners.
  • Revised and improved all emails to a standard HTML template.

January 2023

  • Revised and extended the internal operations dashboard to enable better and faster support to users.
  • Extended internal notifications (Slack messages).
  • Improved internal debugging and logging.

December 2022

  • Implemented a number of security and anti-spam measures to detect, deter and deal with bad actors.

November 2022

  • Added the consolidated Portfolio Priorities chart to the Portfolio Home page providing an overview of all import/urgent components across all projects in a single view.
  • Added the consolidated Portfolio Calendar to the Portfolio Home page providing an overview of all scheduled activites and events in one place.