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Getting Started

Horizon PPM is the simplest way to add order to project chaos. Projects can be tricky things. There are lots of moving parts. Keeping track of all this all at the same time is a tough balancing act. Horizon PPM brings all of these things together in one simple application accessible across all your devices.

No. Horizon PPM is designed to support any project where structured reporting is required across a number of project participants. It also suits projects in the public and charity sectors.

No Horizon PPM doesn’t mandate any specific project methodology. We share common ground with PRINCE2, but this is just common sense. We don’t enforce or mandate anything so you are free to use the system in the way that suits you.

The free personal edition is limited to 3 active projects plus an unlimited number of read-only archived projects. The professional edition we are developing will support unlimited active projects.

No. We’ve designed Horizon PPM to work on any internet connected browser. We’ve not yet tested on everything available but we’d be very disappointed if it doesn’t work on any modern phone, tablet, pc, mac, smart tv or games console.

Yes. The personal edition is free for anyone to use. We are developing professional and enterprise editions with even more functionality and we will be charging for these.

How to use Horizon PPM

Great. Projects typically involve a team of people working together. Sharing your information on Horizon PPM means you will be able to access the same up to date information at any time. Just follow the link in the email to login and the project will appear in your notifications panel. If you are new to Horizon PPM you’ll be able to sign-up. Once you accept the invitation you’ll be able to work with the team on the project.

Follow these few simple steps to setting up a project …

1. From the Portfolio home page switch to the Organisations tab …

2. Use the Add Organisation button to open up the dialogue to add the client organisation …

3. Complete the form and click the Create button [NB: Only the Organisation name is mandatory and you can always update the additional information at a later stage] …

4. Switch to the Projects tab …

5. Use the Add Project button to open up the dialogue to add the project …

6. Add a name for the project and select the organisation then click the Create button …

At this point the project is created and it can be updated as you need, but things we would recommend are …

  • Add the Project Sponsor on the Project Information panel.
  • Update the Background and Plans with Objectives, Scope, Dependencies, Approach, Justification and Assumptions.
  • Set-up and invite the Project Team.
  • Set-up the project Schedule.
  • Upload supporting Files to share with the team.
  • Update the Status, Progress, Next Steps, Actions, Risks & Issues
  • Set-up a Budget and track spend.
  • Set-up scheduled Events.